Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Κριτική για το split με τους A-Truth

Μια πρώτη κριτική για το εφτάρι μας απο το World's Appreciated Kitsch webzine/label:

Kalazaar / (A) - Truth
split 7"
Scullcrasher | Noise Attack | Eat Shit Buy Die | We Don't Fight It | Alcoholic Desaster
This is a DIY split 7" featuring Kalazaar from Athens and (A)-Truth from New York.
My friend Bak (owner of Scullcrasher distro and also involved in Athens Anarchopunk collective) gave me some copies of this release to carry in my distro plus one to review in this blog.
The record has been co-produced by 4 g labels and a dutch one, and it comes in a nice packaging including an awesome cover, as you can check out above.
A-Side features 3 songs by Kalazaar, an anarcho-punk band that started out 5 years ago and since then they have played a bunch of shows in squats all over Greece. Their style is raw punk in the vein of Chaos UK, Disorder, Kaaos, Adiexodo and the likes. 2 of their songs are in english, while there's one in greek language, as well. Their lyrics (sung by both male & female vocalists) are strongly political, representing their hate for the state and the urgency of revolt.
On the other side, we have (A)-Truth, a band based in Brooklyn, NY, formed in late 2007 with the purpose to provoke and agitate people in order to achieve a social and political change (as they claim in their biography). They offer 2 songs (one in spanish, feat. female vocals) that brings in mind Dirt and Conflict.
As you can figure out, this is a tight anarcho-punk release, and even though this style is not exactly my cup of tea, I really enjoyed listening to both bands. Get this split by the bands or the labels involved or even order a copy from our distro.

The record is dedicated in the memory of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, a young boy that was shot dead by the greek police on 6th December 2008. That murder led to a huge revolt that took place all over the country... Never forget, never forgive.

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